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    Door Hardware

    Door fitting is a comprehensive word, in this case we are talking about the fitting that can be placed on the door. Both doorplates with door handles and door handles on roses cover keyholes and cylinders. There are many variables in door hardware. People often look for the right door hardware on the basis of functionality. But nowadays people also look for door hardware on design and/or in different colours and materials. A trend that is really hot in recent years, concerns black door hardware and of course the stainless steel door hardware is still indispensable in our contemporary interior. Also, it is sometimes difficult to explain or find out what kind of door hardware is needed. We hope to be able to offer you a good search function on door hardware through our website . So that you can find the door handle, rosette, spy hole or front door fitting that you are looking for. And of course many more door hardware parts. If unexpectedly your desired door hardware is not found in the search results. Let us know 1 thing is sure we can deliver the right door hardware!