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    Automatic doors

    Door automators are electronic systems that are used to automatically open and close doors. They can be used in various environments, such as offices, stores, hotels, and other buildings, to manage and secure access to a building or space.

    There are different types of door automators available, including electric door openers, motorized door locks, and intercom systems with video cameras. Door automators can be programmed to respond to different forms of authorization, such as an electronic key, a code, or biometric data such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

    Door automators can be used to help manage access to a building or space and prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access. They can also be used to help record who has access to a building or space and when they have gained access.

    When choosing a door automator, it is important to consider the ease of use of the system, the security requirements of the building or space, and the cost of the system. It is also important to consider whether the system is compatible with any other security systems that are already installed in the building or space.