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    Turmeister originated from the technical wholesale trade which we have as our base. This wholesaler has a large customer base in the carpentry industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Many companies but also individuals do not know where to get parts that are suitable for their :

    Sliding doors
    Tilt&Turn hardware
    Turn and fall hardware
    Door automation
    Sliding doors
    Swing doors
    Window stays
    PSK profiles etc etc

    We have set ourselves the goal of making this all come together on a website/webshop where these parts can be found and ordered quickly. For example, we have made the Gretsch Unitas package fully understandable and have the ability to provide you with all other brands. Delivering and putting on the shelf is one thing but also having the knowledge about it is something completely different. As professionals we know that carpentry requires a special kind of knowledge that is not reflected in every wholesaler. Even stronger, many wholesalers choose to set up carpentry factory themes with real specialists. We have all this in house. Still can't figure it out from the information on our website? Please let us know!